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Canada, Calgary, William McElcheran - The Conversation from 1981, Stephen Avenue; August 17 2010

Anyone who for the first time hears that it is possible to create an interdisciplinary term base tends to think that this is a paradox. How can something that only applies to one discipline be used "losslessly" across different disciplines? Very simple! One has to think differently and ask why the definitions in a classical terminology only can be understood by the experts in that discipline and not by the experts from another discipline. Could it have something to do with the method or with the way our brain works?
I have now explored these two possibilities from a cognitive neuroscientific and psychological point of view and the answer is astonishingly simple. Until now, we have not known or simply ignored how our brain works. We have not taken into account whether we are communicating in the form of a spoken or written language or whether a dialogue is possible or not. No account has been taken of the various effects that occur when our brain only has access to verbal information. More on this in a forthcoming report!

The YES!Entity software has been developed with all these phenomena in mind and therefore supports the normal functioning of the brain.

On this website I will describe, for example, why we cannot distinguish between concept and term, or what other phenomena may affect our daily work with terminology. In addition, the further development of the YES!Entity software and the Cognitive Terminology Science will be covered. You are welcome to contribute with constructive criticism and other good advice.


  • 2022/09/16 13:29 - We have found a better and faster algorithm for YES!Entity 2.0! The release will therefore be delayed.

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